Leadership 360

Get feedback from your managers, peers and subordinates to
get a well-rounded picture of a leader or manager’s work

Leadership 360 offers a great solution for general career development and strategic coaching engagements.  It reveals leadership strengths and identifies opportunities for improvement and benchmarks evaluations against an international norm group whilst providing qualitative and quantitative feedback to enable specific recommendations for immediate action plans for the candidate.

Leadership 360 degree feedback software for managing your talent is a powerful online 360 degree feedback tool giving you valuable insight into the development needs of your people.  This intuitive global framework helps employers spot high potential employees for further Development and Leadership opportunities.

Using Leadership 360, you can create and manage bespoke 360 degree feedback review programmes that run smoothly with minimum fuss and maximum impact.

As a User and a Coaches you will find the reports attractive, illuminating and easy to understand.  The 360 review software leads the way, developed from real insight into real organisations.

Using our 360 degree feedback software will help you

  • Connect 360 review outcomes directly to L&D and other talent management activities.
  • Run an effective 360 feedback online appraisal.
  • Monitor and manage the progress of any 360 review campaign easily through an at-a-glance dashboard.
  • Create benchmarks, run analytics, direct learning and spot high potential using your 360 review.
  • Tailor the 360 review to reflect your language, your competencies and your workflow.

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