The Safety Culture Perception Survey:

  • Measures employee awareness and commitment across key safety themes
  • Can be conducted using a combination of online and paper based questionnaires, depending on which is easier for the employees and the organisation
  • Has clear and concise questions understood at all levels of an organisation
  • Allows for client-specific safety questions
  • Allows for demographics to be customised

What You Get

A profiling assessment instrument that:

  • Is easily administered on paper or online
  • Solicits quantitative, qualitative and written feedback
  • Provides powerful insights into the safety environment of a workplace
  • Enables planning and safety strategies
  • Provides an important input into the development of future safety strategies

A succinct, user-friendly final report that:

  • Has 3 main sections; a Safety Awareness Index, The Key Priorities and Written Comments
  • Provides results critical to an organisation’s planning cycle and safety strategy