Workstyle & Performance Profile

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Workstyle & Performance Profile
Reveal each participant’s workstyle, strengths and areas for improvement. The WPP results can be used for hiring, training, and performance management.



WPP Can Help You Hire Better

An overwhelming number of employers state that poor on-the-job performance had more to do with “fit” than skills and abilities.  The Workstyle & Performance Profile (WPP), a personality test for employment, helps predict on-the-job performance for potential candidates allowing you to make stronger hiring decisions.

Hire and Retain Top Performers

Hiring the right person for a role is not getting easier and neither is retaining them.

Employees are the new competitive edge, and more companies are racing to acquire top talent before their competitors do. Finding and retaining top performers is more than just finding the right person with the right skills; it also involves finding the right “fit” and providing the right training.

What’s In A Report?

With the Workstyle & Performance Profile hiring assessment tool, you can find the right candidates faster and more effectively with:

  • Action-Oriented Feedback on how to leverage the candidate’s natural workstyle
  • Potential Areas for Coaching & Development
  • Job Fit Considerations
  • Management Tips
  • Suggested Interview Questions

Why the WPP is Different

The WPP is used by managers and recruiters across the globe to place the right people in the right positions. Their companies are experiencing unprecedented increases in productivity and job satisfaction.


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